Monday, December 29, 2008

prop bet, my birthday

I got off work at noon Wed the 24th. I walked to Jackson's house to have some lunch with him. He was finishing a session and we drove to Whole Foods. At the beginning of the month, I set some goals in poker and life. I've accomplished all but one climbing goal. Early last week, I figured I could play 3k hands over the 4.5 days that I had "off" from work. I told him that I was thinking of upping that to 4k.

He immediately gave me 3:1 on $5 and I should play 5k hands. (pretty much anything that we bet on is for $5) I thought for a second and agreed. That night I pulled a good long session and dropped 3 stacks. The bet was to play at 5nl only (implied, not explicit). I pulled in 1800h. I thought that this might not work out at all.
total: 1800h+

The next day was Christmas and I drove to Wyoming to see my dad and step-family. After getting my ass kicked TWICE at Huskeropoly, they headed to see their dad in Nebraska. I headed home.
On my way, I got a call from Jackson saying that he was having a screw-off tournament and to get over there. I did and the car bombs flowed. I busted the hell out of them, but we didn't finish and I got a ride home. It was a lot of fun for sure!
I saw that I had a short session in which I tossed just under one stack. Note to self: don't try to win grinding bets while intoxicated.
total: 2200h+

The next day was my birthday. My first priority was to sleep in. Well, things didn't really work out that way. But I got a small session in for a little over one stack.
total: 2600h+, -3 stacks

That day I spent with Heather; lunch, a bit of climbing, and then she dropped me off at a poker tournament. It was a $20 with one $20 rebuy/addon. I got there about 15 minutes late and had to wait. There were two full tables and it looked like fun. There were 22ish people and most of them rebought (vs the addon, lol). I just sat and folded. My cbets were getting respect. I flipped a couple of times and won with high card..... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!!! (shit like my AQ>ATo for stacks post flop ->942r, 884r, etc) I never busted anyone during the grind of things though. My first victim thought his bottom set was good vs me. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! j/k Steve! He played it well, but he was a short stack vs a guy who was running well. My JJ overset on the riv to bust him in 4th place. (they paid the top 4) My next victim was Carol Lynn. She is one of the nicest ladies I've met and I'd go hiking with her anytime she wanted. It was pushing 845pm and I needed to be at my favorite pub at 9pm to meet my friends; have drinks; celebrate my aging process. I started open shoving AT+, PPs, and anything I felt like. About 5 hands into this, I shoved 74hh on the btn. Carol Lynn called me with AJ. Board ran out J7627. nh and I'm gigantor stack (~85% of the chips in play). After a small suckout that I got mad value out of vs the station that defines stations, I shoved ATo after she limped the btn. She finally gave in and called with KJ. I flop an ace and boat the turn and river. Did I really just win that? So after that and the prop bet, I ordered a 22" lcd for my home workstation. Happy birthday to me!
back to prop bets

After going to teach climbing at the gym, I played two sessions that Saturday. I heard Jackson make a comment that he can only play for like 1.25-1.5 hours before he loses focus. I set a time limit for the first time. I thought about a hard ceiling at 2 hours and I'd start getting off tables at 1.9hr. I played two solid sessions of roughly two hours with a two hour break in between. 4+ stacks and 1300ish hands per session. Bet finished.
Official total was just over 5500h and +4ish stacks.

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