Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hmmm down and up

So I had a bad session on Sunday night. I was running meh, playing well and then I ran head-first into a Mack truck. At that point, I was up about 350bbs. I was playing with a few regs, but pretty much everyone was terrible. I c/shoved with a gutty+NFD into a full (200bbs) stack and ran into QQ (simple overpair). Ouch, but meh. I take a couple of small pots. Then I pick up 33. Villain and I are 300 deep at this point. Of course it's raised, by me. Flop is Q73hhh. There are 4 people in the pot. A couple of checks, villain fires a stupid small (I almost saw it as a post-oak) bet into a meh pot and I call, isolating the two of us. Turn and river are Js and 6d. He checks turn to hesitantly call my 3/4 psb to check the riv. I think, and say no way would he play a flush like this. His AF was 4. He would've raised me on the flop, or the turn if he was "slowplaying." I shove. He tanks and calls with QQ. I think these two hands were the only two well played hands vs me the whole session. And they combined for just over -550bb. Kind of frustrating, but sessions like this happen.
Last night, I played and took roughly +450bb. I compared the stats and there wasn't too much difference. 14/11/4 I was slightly more aggro PF and slightly less aggro post flop. I might play again in the next couple of days, but my best friend's birthday is today. Her family is having some sort of a shindig and I'm invited. Until later...

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