Thursday, December 11, 2008

huh? 12/8-12/10 and a hand I lost

I'm winning again and I'm not sure what the change was that made this happen. I'm really using my hud a lot more. Maybe that's it. People's ranges are becoming a lot more transparent. The hands just seem to flow by. I sat down last night and played 1100 hands. That's so weird for me. 9 to 10 tables seems the norm for me. Usually I'm playing 6 tables for 4 or 5 hours. I can't play that long now that I have to be up at 630am every morning. I can start at 830p or 9p to finish at 1030 or 11.

hmmm. I played a lot tighter last night (9/7) vs the last couple of nights (14/10). I didn't win nearly as much last night. I was a full AF lower than the previous two sessions as well. I know I was exhausted, but I was still playing probably my B- game.
One hand that killed my profits and put me into the red for the night (before I came back) follows:
I pick up AQdd in MP and raise 6x to iso the utg limper who was about 32/8/1 (like almost everyone else at my tables). I get 5 callers. The CO, BTN, both blinds, and the limper. Wow. I'm not happy. Flop is QQT, 2 spades. With the pot at $1.5, I lead for $0.60 after being checked to and I can only get the btn and blinds out. The turn is an offsuit (QQT) 3. Check to me again, so I lead again for $1 killing draw odds. I'm thinking that I'm up against another (hopefully worse) Q and I'm committing here. After calling the bet, the CO has just less than one PSB left. So if he calls, I'm shoving any river blind. The river is another offsuit 9, giving only straights and kickers made hands. I bet a red bird and he snap calls to show J8ss. Wow, didn't expect that. Then again, I'm getting that in on the flop if I can. So I drop little over a full stack there.
If I had to do it over again, I think that things would be going in on the turn. I'd make the flop bet like $0.90. (Hopefully the limper would call here at the bigger cbet) Assuming that the same two people called, the pot would be $4.20 instead of $3.80. I could shove into that and maybe have some FE too as CO would have like 1.3 PSBs left and no made hand. The call cbet % for most of that table was around 35-45%, so this would be as likely a situation to happen as what did happen. (I think CO's call cbet % was actually a bit lower at 25-30%. So if he was calling my flop bet at .60, then he was calling it at .90-1.10 (this is given that I don't know his hand)) Shoving $6 into $4 is more than $5 into $6.

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