Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jackson yelled at me....

Jackson, Alex, Mikey and I all donked it up on stars last night. I think we'll have to hold the tuesday game on stars for the next couple of weeks. The main host is getting into finals in school. Wish they'd let us play PL-TOE. I'm planning a trip in July to Vegas.

On Friday night after half a bottle of tequila, Jackson tore into me about how great I am. We were playing heads up PL-TOE (TD27, Omaha/8, 7-stud/8). And while I appreciate the compliment, I'll take a shot at this whole deal. It was a bit odd and humbling for him to yell so belligerently at me for easily an hour during our match and then called me on my way home to yell some more. He just kept screaming. I wasn't sure how to take it. He was yelling, but it was about how good I was.

I'm not real sure what happened, but something did. I've no less than 5x'ed my roll on stars in two days. I'm feeling relatively focused. The challenge for me is to get a few tough beats put on me in a row and keep my head. Everyone in the home game agrees that I tilt harder than anyone else, but they keep saying that when I'm on, I'm scary as hell. I can't say what that means to me. I just have to learn to avoid tilt.

The next month is going to be a lot of work though. I need to get back to playing 50nl on stars pretty fast. I'm going to re-read PNL and study the hell out of it. I might even start working with J and taking notes and what not with him. Eh. I'm off to work.

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