Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm in a barnyard...

There are donkeys everywhere. So many of them. I am afraid...
Yesterday afternoon, I rolled into the house from work and hung out with Josh for a bit. He said, "Hey Chad, let's play some poker!!!" I had to get the night off. My intro class is on Thursday nights. Michelle took it after her kids class. I'll cover her shift tomorrow in return. So with some food, we were off to match up's. He decided to sit at my table and we screwed around. First place is $100 in cash, so Josh and I were like "Meh, let's try it."
Jackson and Steve showed up and our table got real exciting. Blind raises and multiple all-ins become the norm for about an hour. #$%@#% donkeys. There were two people at our table (other than the four of us) that understood free poker. Everyone else was just along for the ride. Eeehaawwww!
Just before the second break Josh goes broke. *sigh* He was playing well, nothing special, but not bad by any means. Steve and Jackson busted themselves so that they could go play beer pong in old town. I had a stack at this point (3ish starting stacks). I was playing well and making accurate reads. We got to chatting with this kid John and he invited us to his micro game. Meh, I'll make a run and see. J and Steve reappeared to rail me after getting beaten bloody in their beer pong game. That was cool to have them there asking to see my hand. But alas it wasn't meant to be. 6th was as far as I got and we were off.
The home game was fun although a bit odd. With blinds at $.25/.5, the only buyin min or max was $10. I'm not a fan of shove and pray poker, but eehaawww. AJ and TT become insta-shoves and it really opens up your range. Any two become playable for a single blind, but to call a raise narrows your range significantly and more than I care for. I do look forward to donking around in that game. Josh went broke but I made up for it plus a little. The players are not terrible, but they are nowhere near good. They understand what a good hand is, but overplay marginal ones AND they have egos. The latter is why I'll be going back. The only thing I didn't really like about it was that pretty much everyone smokes cigarettes. I felt like shit when I got home and immediately took a quick shower.
But it was a good night and I got to play poker with Josh.

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