Friday, October 31, 2008

so yeah.... back to relearn the basics

Well after that huge heater in July, I found myself on a disgusting downswing that left me broke on tilt and only a small roll on stars. I was just plain old playing bad. I wasn't focuesed and I felt like it was just more for the fun of it. I wasn't trying. I left just enough on stars to play in a big (64-man) HU tournament. That was fun for sure! I walked over my first opponent and then promptly destroyed myself in the second round. To be fair, monkeyhat played very well. I just know that I wasn't in A-game mode and I feel like he would still have something of an edge over that. He was focused and made moves at all the right times. SO!
After my first match win, I took some of the "freeroll" money and sat into a cash game. I ran it up to like $18 or something. Then I lost my second match and had no more commitments from my roll. So I took it and started grinding 5nl.
Now, the thing I love so much about 5nl is that it is deep. Other than 2nl, 5nl is the ONLY stake that is deep by default. I love the fact that more sites are adding deep tables, but I feel that they are behind the curve in this regard. Anyway, I've put in about 24k hands since then. I bought PT3 and it has paid for itself. I'm wondering how much of teh munnies I've missed out on from not having it sooner.
Okay, so over my last 13kish hands, I've had a winrate right around 8PTBB/100. I feel that this is on the low end. I really think that over the next 10k my WR will be closer to 10 or even higher. I made a post on 2+2 a while ago that "if you are not beating it for at least 8, you're not paying attention." I think that WRs of 15 or 20 are not out of the question. I believe that they are at the top end for sure, but certainly attainable. I've had sessions 1k+ hand minimum where my WR was close to 30. Granted, I ran well in those couple of sessions, but none the less. I think that as you move up, WRs will drop accordingly. This is because the edge you have over the other players will decrese in size. Hopefully not too where it disappears! I remember hearing somewhere that a winrate of simply "1" in the big game is the equivalent to destroying it! Anyway, I'll grab a screenshot of things maybe over the weekend and get it up here. Until then....

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