Wednesday, June 4, 2008

play a hand with me...

donktard micro stakes

puke, I'm channeling Matt on the riv in this hand. play a hand with me.

25nl last night 100bb stacks villain seems lagtardish, hasn't really done anything crazy.

dealt to hero in MP2 Ks Kh
folded to me and I open for 5bb, folded to bb who calls

flop (10.5bb) Tc 9d 4d
villain snap checks as he has been doing, I bet 8bb, he calls fairly quickly (not a snap but in good time)
This bet was for two reasons - value and to find out if he had anything. hmmm, a draw or tpgk? I'm open shoving any non-T/8/diamond turn.

turn (26.5bb) Tc 9d 4d, 7d
#%$#% *insert more cursing here* he snap checks, #$%king everything got there with one pull I pound my desk with my fist and check behind.

river (26.5bb) Tc 9d 4d 7d, Th
villain thinks for a couple of seconds and leads for 10bb, hero makes a hero call WAY behind and mucks. I called here knowing I was behind for info. Note, villain calls very light out of the bb.

Thoughts on my line are more than welcome at

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